S. 112 Teht 23 complaint.

Dear Mr Salohalme

Thank you for wonderful holiday, we had the time of our life.

The Venus Beach hotel was five star hotel as advertised, but the breakfast was really poor quality throughout our vacation. There was also noise coming from an adjacent room which we complained about a few times, but nothing was done about it.

Me and my family would like some compensation, maybe returning some of our money, because of breakfast was bad and noise was annoying and nothing was done about it despite our requests.

We really loved our trip and probably will use your services again.

Yours sincerely

Teemu Määttä

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S. 97 tehtävä 5 enguiry

To: Tommi
Sub: Enquiry about furnitures

Dear Sir

We have seen your advert Koti-Kajaani newspaper on Friday, 9 October 2013

I am writing to enquire about furniture. I need kitchen table and six chairs to our conference room.

Could you please send us your catalogue an export prices. Including details of possible discounts.

We look forward to receiving your quotation by the end of November, as we would need the new furniture before end of the year.

Yours faithfully

Teemu Määttä
chief executive officer

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S.87 Tehtävä 13.

This is based on the news that I found in the Taloussanomat ja Iltalehti websites on 4.October.2013

Links: http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/201310030061029_uu.shtml and

You may have read couple of days ago news at taloussanomat that our alcohol taxes are not working or doesnt mach our costs that coused by alcohol. But i read this new proposal at yesterdays iltalehti which was realy interesting.

Almoust thirty restaurants representing Precident and CEO Antti Raunio makes suprising proposal to our needs to reduce the consuption of alcohol. Proposal was to reduce alcohol volume from former four cents to three cents. From now on people get less alcohol at bar and are more sober than now. 25% less alcohol helps our drinking problems? or do we just drink some more and consume more money at bar? Or what you think if drinks are cheaper than this day?

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S.83 tehtävä 10


TO: managment team
From: Teemu, head of public relations
Date 7.March.2013
Subject: Celebrate our 50th anniversary

fifty years ago, we established our company, and now is the time to celebrate this event. Please note the following points in the future.

* We will add to our webpage a new special banner that no one can not miss. Do this asap!
* Founder of the company, Seppo Taalasmaa was recently in an interview with local newspaper. Local newspaper makes a story, but we do not know when it will be published.
* Best part is this. All staff got day off. (last friday in march)
* We will provide stipend (£1,000) for a talented bussiness student of the local university at 23.April

If you have any questions on the points marked, please contact me


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S81 Tehtävä 9b

Subject: Unfortunate car accident

Dear staff members

Our staff member Teemu was at a car accident today morning and now he is in hospital. Fortunately, the accident did not happen badly and Teemu’s back to work tomorrow.

Your sincerely

Matti Nykänen

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S78 tehtävä 7


Subject: Confeernce at Milan

Dear Mr Anderson

I am going to attende the conference at Milan. I was wondering if you are going to attend too?

Best regards

Agent Smith


Subject: Computer problems


I am having problems whit my computer, it starts very slowly. I believe I have somekind of virus.

What should I do?

Best regards

Teemu Määttä

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