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This is based on the news that I found in the Taloussanomat ja Iltalehti websites on 4.October.2013

Links: http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/201310030061029_uu.shtml and

You may have read couple of days ago news at taloussanomat that our alcohol taxes are not working or doesnt mach our costs that coused by alcohol. But i read this new proposal at yesterdays iltalehti which was realy interesting.

Almoust thirty restaurants representing Precident and CEO Antti Raunio makes suprising proposal to our needs to reduce the consuption of alcohol. Proposal was to reduce alcohol volume from former four cents to three cents. From now on people get less alcohol at bar and are more sober than now. 25% less alcohol helps our drinking problems? or do we just drink some more and consume more money at bar? Or what you think if drinks are cheaper than this day?


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