Basics of Business English

Learning of life

My english level in the grid of pace 11 is between A2 and B1. My target level now is raise b1 level and above that. Vital skills is understanding, its so frustrating if you do not understand some of the words what somene talk. Writed texts are easyer because we can use traslators. I will write down all new words i hear on tv series and then i translate their meanings so next time i know what it means.

And next big thing is using this blog. Every time i need to write thise text 2 or 3 times and that eats me a lot! (and dont take me too seriously)

Page 35 Lesson 9

Couple of hand gestures and their meanings.
First, thumb up: means that’s okay.
Second, becon up: means look up.
Third, crossing your hands in front of body: normally it means don’t come here or stop right now.

Page 55 Lesson 1, 10 How do you think people will use mobile phones ten years from now?

I think mobile phones looks like they are at this moment but when you speak on it you can speak multiple persons at same time and also see them on your mobile phone screen. You can also speak your text messages and easily transfer all texts to another language. When u want to watch TV u can show all programs on your phone and reflect that on the wall if u want to. So you may not need TV anymore.

Week 6. My dream job!

I could travel all around the world and do some work at same time. Working whit laptop and do some telecommuting in order to receive salary which is important ofcourse. Well i cant do this because i have two young childrens which needs me and their mother all the time so i must do something in Finland. What is it? I realy dont know, that’s why i try to study more and find my self. It could be something project basis job which include the opportunity to travel also. I just need regular working hours and big salary whit interesting subject matters which motif me to do somthing day by day. My strenghts are working whit computer and using different programs. I like to teach also and i easily find my self to tell someone, how to do someting with computer. That reason couple of companies in Kajaani are allready to ask me to come and work for them, but i answer them politely but negative because i realy want to find my self first and study because i have good opportynity to do so.

Week 7. Lesson 6, Five adjectives whit me?

Well atleast i am teamwork talented and very spontaneus what i do and normaly i do it through also. i think my social skills are realy good also, which is important in my job (teacher) My students like the way i teach, which is fun and challenging at the same time. So everybody ca say that i am realy open and confortable person.

Week 8, Lesson 18, important list when you prepare and give a presentation

first, present yourself
Second, Give in outline of your presentation
Third, Describe main topics
Fourth, Talking about key figures
Fifth, remember to explain all visuals
and the end thanking al audience and inviting their questions

Week 9, lesson 7, Business etiquette

i got eleven points which is good 😀 But still i have a lot to learn i think.

Week 10, lesson 8, Listening to conversation.

i must go to meet my friend and try to do this whit his computer, i hope i can do thisone also.

Week 11, lesson 2

1. I think its local transport or somthing like that.
2. Last minute travelling tiket
3. way tiket to somewhere and how much it cost.
4. discount tickets

heheh i just notice i am done here 😀 Thanks and see u later!



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